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Celluscience Anti_CelluliteToday I'm reviewing CELLUSCIENCE Anti-Cellulite Treatment Capsules. This is MY honest review and I am NEVER endorsed for any products I review or try. It's just me putting out what I've discovered based on my experiences.

OK... I got these treatment capsules right from Santica Labs and started to take them. They suggest taking one three times a day and I NEVER start with recommended doses because I always want to see how something reacts to my body before loading up. Sound logical?

I took one per day for several weeks. Did I see results? Um, maybe. I seemed to have a slightly less dimpled overall appearance (legs, arms, etc.). They did seem to make me want to go to the bathroom (slightly diurectic effect) and that is what I assumed the results were I was seeing. Less retaining water = less dimpling.

Then I started taking two per day. Results didn't seem to improve much so I after a few weeks I bumped it up to three per day. This was not a good fit for me personally as I felt I was taking a lot of pills and not much more was happening regarding my lumps and bumps.

I took 3 per day for a couple weeks and started noticing massively increased breast tenderness. This may just be me, but I immediately stopped all pills for several weeks. The tenderness I describe was far beyond anything I ever experienced and I even went to my doc about it. It was a normal hormal fluctuation. Nonetheless, I went back to one pill a day several weeks (maybe even months later). This seems to be my magic number. Any more did not seem to make any more difference and even seemed to cause a bit of trouble (for me, anyway).

So they work? They do seem to help when taken consistently/daily. However, I personally wouldn't take more than one per day, maybe two. Of course every experience is different, but in the meantime, I'll stick to one daily plusd my Pycnogenol and green drinks, which DO seem to help a lot in this area!

See my green drink recipe for SUPER antioxidant power! I've noticed one of these a day really helps my skin overall and gives me great energy!



REVIEW: Garnier Ulta-Lift PRO Gravity Defying Cream

OK, I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of Garnier skincare products (except the eye roller--love it!). I've tried others before and felt like they didn't do much. So why did I decide to try again with this product? Honestly, I'm not sure, but I guess I was sold by an ad or something.

Anywho...I bought it and have used it for about 3 weeks now. I can say that I do notice a bit of a lift and firmness in my cheek and jowl area. Nothing dramatic, mind you, but it does seem a bit lifted and more sculpted.

I don't have major jowls (yet, I'm 49 in June), but I do notice some slackness in the area. That made me seek something with "ultra" power and I'd say for a fairly inexpensive item that you can get just about anywhere, this might be worth a try. As usual, don't expect


This is an attractive what's she doing wrong?

The super dark liner is heavy and aging. It's actually dragging her eyes down vs. making them 'pop.'

She should go a shade or two lighter on the bottom liner and keep it thinner (not so heavy).

Dark liner on the bottom lashes will drag the eye down, so always stay a couple of shade lighter!

A better example:

This woman has rimmed the water line with dark liner but swept a light shade under the actual lashes giving the same deep effect without dragging the eye downwards.

See the difference?

For more tips, check out


Brazil Butt Lift Workout...Does it work?

Brazil Butt Lift Review

By now you know I'm a bit of a sucker for informercial products. Well, Leandro and his Brazil Butt Lift were no different.

I workout about 5 days a week consistently. I do treadmill, weights, Jackie Warner, Jillian Micheals, Tracy Anderson among others, so I thought I'd mix it up to get the butt of my dreams with this DVD.

Here are my candid thoughts:

The program is pretty good and comprehensive. You get workout bands, diet guide, measurement guide plus DVDs (plus a few other assorted things). I got it on one of the shopping channels for a BIG savings over the infomercial deal.

I tried all the DVDs and ended up selling it all on ebay. Why? It just wasn't my cup of tea. While you would definitely burn fat (especially with full-length Bum Bum), it wasn't my enjoyed type of workout.

Here's why:

It's very fast and although I'm pretty fit, I still found myself trying to keep up and getting irritated because of lack of any breaks or any slower "catch your breath" segments. I did like the floor exercises (High and Tight), but didn't get much from the Ab workout (nothing new--just lots of abs).

I would recommend this program if you really want to focus on your butt and are pretty fit already. If not, it might be tough to keep up. It's definitely not for beginners. In the end, I think most other workout programs that are for the lower half will do the same IF you do them. This is more or less just a gimmicky program in terms of marketing, but again, I do feel you'd get a good workout and even help your butt lift and tighten, but it's not particularly revolutionary.

For butt and abs, I really love the Physique 57 workouts. They are very concentrated and I see results quickly. They move a little slower -- like a dance class, which I love. I did the Brazil program for a month and didn't see much change, so for my, the Physique 57 or Tracey Anderson concentration on butt/abs/arms works fast. I love Jackie Warner for true weights and when I want to get a fat blaster (and get barked at), I do the Jillian Micheals 30-Day Shred.

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