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25 again trio

OK, so maybe you won't actually be 25, but your skin will be firmer, tighter, brigher and smoother with this amazing trio.

Glycolic and Rose Masque will gently remove old, dead skin and make you gleam!

Our FaceGirdle Serum will tighten and tone your skin immediately!

The Just an Illusion mineral veil will erase the apperance of fine lines, set your makeup, give you a movie star gleam and make up look as if lit by candles. You'll love it!

BUY NOW Deluxe Sampler Trio...$14.99

Anti-Aging Eyes
eyes alive duo

Constantly searching for "the answer" to your tired eyes? Look no more...we mean it!

Start with the best all natural eye cream ever. Eyes Alive will smooth, moisturize and make your eyes feel like they 10 years younger.

8 hours of sleep may be just a dream, but you'll look like you got that much with i-illuminating veil is a really amazing eye product.

Not a traditonal powder (no caking, no talc), this veil will eliminate darkness, set concealer and give you a perky look...immediately!

BUY NOW Deluxe Sampler Trio...$9.99

Ageless Lipslipjection trio

Smooth, unwrinkled and unlined lips look more youthful and plumper.

Don't waste time with short-lasting burning and drying treatments and get the real thing with LipJection Smoothing Lip Treatment.

Finish with our all-natural lip stain and shimmer for the ultimate pout!

BUY NOW Deluxe Sampler Trio...$14.99
Free Gift*All sampler packages include a free gift of our Heavenly Body Oil...a blend of 7 anti-aging oils.

featured products
ageless beauty pro, firm in a flash spray

Firm in a Flash!
Firming Peptide Spritz

This refreshing spritz is packed full of wonderful things for your skin including aloe, neroli essential oil, peptides and more!

It feels wonderful, smells amazing and will do wonders for your skin! Perfect for setting makeup or hydrating during the day.


Firm in a Flash
4 oz. spray $12.95

no shine for you, ageless beauty powder

No Shine for You
Poreless Finishing Veil

Prone to shine no matter what? This incredibly light, natural veil powder will not only reduce shine, but give you a poreless finish.

No Shine For You / Temporarily Out-of-Stock

10 gram jar... $9.95

ageless beauty pro, wide awake powder

Wide Awake

Like 8 hours of sleep!
Mineral coverage concealer

This lightweight mineral powder will make any dark circles or imperfections disappear.

It's light, practically undetectable and will set concealer or take it's place!

Wide Awake Temporarily Out-of-Stock
$15.00 10 gram sifter jar

Ageless beautyPRO, apricot illusion HD powder

Apricot Illusion HD
Perk-you-up skin finisher

Some days you just need a little boost, right? Or after a long day, you just can't get your skin to perk up before a night out?

This Apricot Alive HD finisher will do the trick for warm, olive, sallow or yellow-toned skins. It's super light (great for mature skin) and will give you an alive and ready-to-go look!

Apricot Illusion HD Powder Temporarily Out-of-Stock
10 gram jar ... $9.95

ageless beautypro, pink hd veil

Pink Alive HD
Perk-you-up skin finisher

Some days you just need a little boost, right? Or after a long day, you just can't get your skin to perk up before a night out?

This Pink Alive HD finisher will do the trick. It's super light (great for mature skin) and will give you an alive and ready-to-go look!

Pink Alive HD Powder Temporarily Out-of-Stock
10 gram jar ... $9.95

ageless beautypro, just an illusion powder
Just an Illusion
Glow Powder

Mineral illusion finishing veil

Do you wish you had a Photoshop tool in your makeup bag? One that makes little lines and imperfections erase away and leaves you with a near perfect complection--and one you can use all over?

This is it! A super sheer and light powder (don't be scared--it's perfect for mature skin) that won't cake or look to shimmery.

Great for face, decolletage, shoulders, arms, legs...anywhere you need a little illusion!



Illusion Glow Powder
10 gram jar...$14.00

ageless beautypro, i-lite illusion powder i-lite illuminating veil

Whisk away shadows, lines, dark circles and hollows with this "magic" powder--a super sheer, silky fine veil that gives your skin a final air-brushed appearance in seconds.


SAMPLE .25 tsp. $ 2.50

Full size 30 gram jar $24.00

Sweet Dreams
Lavender Linen Spray

Lightly true lavender (not cloying or fake like others you may have tried), this mist will lull you to sleep and relax you.

All natural and perfect for the whole family. Just mist it on your bed linens and pillow case before you climb under the covers.

Warning...this stuff is addictive!


Lavender Linen Spray
4 oz.  $12.95

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Create fast "AGELESS EYES" with this idea...

1. Use Eyes Alive Cream around eye area. Let it sink in and set.
2. Use your regular concealer, then sweep i-lite illuminating veil over it to set and enlighten eye area.
3. Add some mascara.

Voila! You're out the door with hydrated, luminous eyes.



"I've been using the Eye Alive cream for just two weeks and see real results. My dark circles and lines are hardley noticeable!"

"I got Restylane a few months ago in the tear troughs and it made my under eye area dark and stained. My doctor said just time will help. I tried this cream and i-lite veil and it's really working. They're a LOT lighter."

"This cream is super light and doesn't make my eyes water--which is something almost every other eye cream I've tried does!"

"I love the Lavender Mist! It is a must every night before I go to sleep. It just naturally relaxes me."

"The i-lite illuminating veil is now a must-have for me. It makes my eyes look so much better and more awake. Thanks!"

"I can't leave the house now without the Just an Illusion veil powder. It makes me look air-brushed. I love this stuff...too much."

"Can you make the Firm-in-a-Flash in a larger size? I love this product. It really works and I want to use it all over my body."

"My new favorite product is the i-lite illuminating veil. I can't be without it. I've told all my friends and now they are addicted, too."

"Do you have the Lavender Mist in other products? The scent is just perfect and I'd love it in a lotion I can use before bed."

"The LipJection cream is absolutely dead-on a winner. I have tried so many other products and nothing moisturizes and make my lips look like this stuff does."

"Will you make the LipJection in a tinted product? I think this is the best lip treatment ever and I'd love it if it was tinted."






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