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Ageless Beauty Pro Makeup Artist
                    Professional Makeup Business Training System

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Are you interested in making people look
and feel their best?

Do you have the dedication and desire to
train at-home for a new career (part-time or full-time)?
If you have the drive, we have the tools to help you train,
start and flourish in a career as a makeup artist.

No matter what size community you live in, you can create a successful career
 in the beauty business--without licensing, long training schedules or a large investment.


Here is where we are different...

In addition to providing simple, effective home artist training, we can also provide
unique and supportive marketing system
that will allow you  to get started getting leads,
earning money and making appointments faster!
This is a distinct advantage
to getting your business up and running faster!

We'll show you:
  • Where to find leads and clients quickly
    without cold-calling, begging friends & family or
    spending any money advertising

  • How to build your business, offer amazing service
    and build referrals

  • How to build a reputation in your area that will
    have your phone ringing and people excited to
    use your services

  • How to develop a solid foundation for making money fast

  • What to do to increase your profits faster
    on each job!

  • An amazing marketing system thatwill get
    you plenty of interest, leads and bookings

  • How to make yourself into the go-to expert
    and start getting people calling you!

  • How to build a successful online presence
    so people start referring to you as the expert

  • How to make your online business really work for you
    getting leads, sales and new business (and not
    just sit there looking pretty)

  • What you must do to make yourself
    stand out from your competitors

    ...and so much more!



Learn to be a Bridal Makeup Artist
"The Business of Bridal" will teach you...


Do high glamour to
natural beach wedding looks.





Learn how to book the entire wedding party!


Get tips for working with
lighting and photos!




Be a Glamour Artist!
Train, give classes and do makeovers!


 Makeup Artists Training, Train At Home, Makeup Artis Careers Turn this outdated makeup into this...Makeup Artists Training, Train At Home, Makeup Artis Careers


Ask yourself...

Why travel, spend hundreds, waste hours of time in stuffy rooms with outdated materials?

Get your business going today!

If you're a savvy, makeup-loving motivated person, we can teach you what you need to know to
get started quickly and easily...and best of all...

We'll show you how to start getting lots of bookings, clients and profits within your first 30 days!


You're just 30 days away from the career you have
always dreamed of having!

Even if you're not interested in building a full-time makeup artistry business, you can use this system
to train others how to become certified makeup artists!

We'll train you so well, that even if you just want access to the information and bonuses, you could
earn money training others to become a certified Ageless BeautyPro Arist!


Everyday and
 Glamour Makeup


Bridal Makeup
(there's always a need for this!)


Anti-Aging Makeup Specialists

(a HUGE and GROWING market)


Train at home to be an Ageless Beauty Pro Makeup Artist
Professional Makeup Business Training System

What will you receive in the
Makeup Artist Business Training System?


Be a Makeup Artist, Ageless BeautyPro Makeup ArtistBe a Makeup Artist, Ageless BeautyPro Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist Business Training System includes:

*A comprehensive manual containing all makeup training books (in print)

*One training CD including audio training


Makeup Business Essentials

If you've always dreamed of working as a successful makeup artist, this guide can get you started!

  • Training: Schools or self-training?
    What do you need?

  • How to get started in your own community in just days
    Our fast-track tools will have you in your
    dream career in just days

  • Where to find clients easily
    We give you amazing leads sources to get earning fast!

  • How and what to charge
    How to double your rate easily

  • How to develop a network for referrals
    Get referrals with our fast and simple methods

    • How to make your business profitable
      Earn money from the very beginning of your career
    • Marketing essentials
      Learn how to market your business to
      get as many customers as you can handle
    • Career salary earnings for the industry
      Can you really make $100,000 or more? You bet!
    • Wholesale cosmetics sources
      Never pay retail again!
    • Putting together a quick portfolio
      Book jobs and look like a pro!
    • Assembling an inexpensive, full-service glamour kit
      All you need to (nearly) every job!
    • Essentials makeup training
      You already love it--build on your skills even more!


The Business of Bridal Makeup

lucrative career can be yours by specializing in bridal makeup!

Our training guide gives you:

  • Step-by-step directions to get started
    Bridal makeup always has customers--how to get them!
  • How to create popular different bridal looks
    From a beach wedding to formal
  • The tools/kit you'll need
    Work every job with these essentials
  • Marketing ideas to get clients quickly
    Need customers fast? We tell you how to get 'em!
  • What to charge 
    Earn what your worth!
  • Full bridal party makeup
    Triple your income with these simple tips!
  • Booking form
    Forms to book the job!


You get started learning the business of professional makeup artistry immediately.

Be a Makeup Artist, Ageless BeautyPro Makeup Artist

You'll receive THREE training manuals in one...

The Makeup Artist Training Guide

The Business of Bridal

 The Makeup Artist XL Profits Marketing System

... Plus audio CD and VIP access!


V.I.P. Membership
You will receive exclusive access to our V.I.P. Artists-Only
member site. It includes numerous training tools, articles,
tips, ideas, audio, (video coming soon!)
(395.00 value)

Top Secret Rolodex
We'll break open our top secret sources for
various whole sources for skincare, cosmetic
and beauty tools at deep discounts.
Our top resources for building your business, marketing
ideas, tips and tested and proven resources
that really do work!
($250.00 value)

FREE Consultation
 You will also receive complimentary consultation via email
to help get your beauty business started!
($350.00 value)

This system has a combined value of over $1,000.00!



At Home Makeup Artist Training! www.agelessbeautypro.com

What make us different?

There are other programs out there...why choose ours?

Written by a professional makeup artist and licensed skincare specialist, our guides are not just pages of makeup application and pretty pictures.

Sure doing makeup is fun, but if you want a successful business, you've to learn how to get customers, get paid what you're worth and how to book jobs.

Our fast-track success tools are developed by marketing pros who know
how to make your business successful fast!

Book jobs

Earn more money

Get leads galore

Find customers

Learn how to develop a reputation in your community
that gets you noticed...and called!

Some programs may look slick and have big names attached...those are great!

But OUR PROGRAM is a marketing-driven program that will
get you working and earning faster.

In short...
While others may have slick programs to offer, we offer solid business tools that not only make you a makeup artist, but a WORKING makeup artist!

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Ageless Artists... 

Makeup Artists Training, Train At Home, Makeup Artis Careers Turn outdated, aging makeup into a fresher ageless look! Makeup Artists Training, Train At Home, Makeup Artis Careers

Be a Makeup Artist, Ageless BeautyPro Makeup Artist



Be a Makeup Artist, Ageless BeautyPro Makeup Artist


You'll receive THREE training manuals in one...

The Makeup Artist Training Guide

The Business of Bridal

 The Makeup Artist XL Profits Marketing System

... Plus audio CD and VIP access!



Order this program today and get this great additon to your kit!


Be a Makeup Artist - Free Makeup


Want to be a Bridal Makeup Artist and get started immediately?

Bridal Makeup Business

Just interested in becoming a Bridal Makeup Artist?

Tap into this lucrative field with this comprehensive starter training... includes BONUS audio training!

Get the ebook and audio training!

Get The Business of Bridal Makeup!










*The Business of Bridal Makeup includes ebook and online MP3 audio training only.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and services. Every customer will experience different results based on usage, motivation, time and consistency of use. State laws may prohibit unlicensed makeup artists. Please verify your state laws before embarking upon this or any career.