Here are answers to some of our frequently
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I think I should go to a makeup school, but I'd love to train at home. Can I really get good training at home?


Great Question! We know that there are many great makeup schools out there and if you really want the classroom experience, it might be a better fit for you, BUT, if you LOVE makeup, play with it, apply it and even have a little experience doing makeup for your friend or family, you already have the basic skills and knowledge for  working as a makeup artist. Our course is for the person who feels she/he doesn't need that formal training, but just needs the basic tools to learn how to run a great business.


Why is it so inexpensive?
I feel like it should be more expensive (like "you get what you pay for" and I'm worried.


We understand and know that old saying and it's true...most of the time. However, this training is geared for the person who already "gets makeup" and follows the trends. If you know the difference between concealer and foundation, lipstick and gloss, powdered eye shadow and cream shadow, you'll be able to take the training and use it now.

We feel that if we keep the price low, you can get started quicker and easier without spending thousands on formal classroom training. In addition, if you do opt to do classroom training, this is a terrific addition to your business because it will help you get your business going faster!


I'm in small town. I'd love to work in makeup, but don't I need to live in a big city to really make it a successful career?

This is a common misconception. Naturally if you want to do high fashion editorial work (for magazines and catalogs), you'll need to be in a big metro market. If you want to do FX work for movies, you probably need to be in Hollywood. BUT... if you want to work as a bridal makeup artist, you can get started in nearly any size town.

Also, you'd be surprised how photographers, independent filmmakers and media outlets exist even in smaller cities. These are all options for getting started and we'll help you make headway in building your business...no matter what size your town.

What about practice? Doesn't learning makeup require practicing on others?

You bet! But we bet you already do a lot of that (on yourself, your friends, your family, etc.) These are all perfect "models" for you, especially using people of different age groups. This will train you to be a highly sought-after Anti-Aging Artist. If you've got just two or three people to start, you'll be fine. You don't needs lots of people, but we'll show you how to find models and get working almost immediately (without paying a single penny for them).

What about a kit? Most makeup schools have kits with their programs. Don't you offer one?

Yes and no. First, we don't offer an initial kit because we know that every artist will have her/his favorites that will be added to the kit anyway. Why get stuck with a kit full of products that you don't use, especially if you've already started building a kit?

Second, we do offer various options for adding items to your kit (in our V.I.P. room) and you can pick and choose what you like. This is how the best kits are used by real pros in the business.

What is in the "V.I.P. room"?

This is where the action will happen! We are constantly building this area to add more audio, (videos coming soon!), products, ideas, resources, etc. You'll link to constant learning in this area.

I do makeup all the time and my friends think I could be a makeup artist, but I can't afford it. Is this really a good option for me?

Yes...and maybe no. If you are motivated and eager to work on your own to keep learning and growing, this is a great option. However, no training source (at home programs or the big schools) will be able to guarantee your success.

Learning to apply makeup is a skill and some do it better than others. Once you know the skill and feel confident, you'll need bookings to actually make money plus you'll need to know how to market yourself to be a success. That is where our program can guarantee your business will get a fast-track start.

But it's really up to you...if you know this is your passion and you really want to succeed fast, this is a great option for you. If you just want to go to school and cross your fingers that you'll make the right contact or meet the right opportunities, it's not realistic. You need to market yourself whether you work in Hollywood, NYC or Small Town, USA.

I'm not really "business savvy" but I really love makeup and I'd like to make it my career. Can you help me?

You're in the right place! This program gives you basic training, plus a good marketing system that can really, truly work getting the "non-business" person into business successfully, profitably and quickly.

Plus, we're here to help when you have questions. You're not getting just a training system; you're getting a support system.

Now are you finally ready to make you dream a reality?


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